Synergy Men Formal G2211 Black

Marks Man
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Who said only Sports Shoes can be Comfortable? Introducing the Quick Series of Formal Shoes from Action Synergy which feature a full PU footpad for lasting High Cushioned Comfort that lasts for years on end! Revolutionary Technology that ensures that the cushion in our shoes stays the same whether you wear it 1st time, 10th time or 100th time. 1. Very Soft and Comfortable 2. Premium Quality Genuine Leather Upper 3. Insole rebounces in 2 seconds 3. Super Strechy PU insole that takes the shape of your feet 4. OrthoCushion helps alleviate heel pain 5. Foam Lined Lycra Lining feels Soft, Hygenic and Cushioned against skin. 6. Antibacterial Top Layer for Freshness 7. Sharp Sleek Looking Shoes: You get Ultimate Comfort with Cool Designing. 1. Very soft and comfortable 2. Premium Quality Genuine Leather Upper 3. Rebounce in 2 seconds 4. Made of super strechy PU 5. Antibacterial top layer for freshness